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* The number of leads identified depends on the type of campaign and multiple factors that will be investigated during the preliminary stage.
Trade proposals are indicative and may vary without warning.



  • Why should I choose a Prestashop-based store?addremove

    It is one of the best performing, reliable, safe and versatile online sales platforms.
    We provide a formula that allows you to take advantage of an advanced and attractive platform to enable you to sell even worldwide. It allows you to be open 30 non-working days, through a very comfortable and fully organized workflow at a truly competitive monthly price.

    Every detail will be explained by our business consultant.

  • What will the graphical customization of the store be like?addremove

    The store will be fully customized (in all the planned graphic parts of the structure) and key layouts will be developed in the preliminary phase. These layouts will be confirmed by the Customer.

  • How do I manage products, promotions and discounts?addremove

    The products will be managed autonomously thanks to convenient management interfaces, with the possibility of inserting infinite products and endless categories (respecting structural limitations). It will be possible to have slashed prices in the product description and you will be able to manage promo codes to instantly push effective sales strategies!

  • How do I manage shipping orders, availability, and shipping costs?addremove

    The store will be complete with the order management module that will allow you to manually manage the order in all its stages and also gives you the possibility to communicate with the user. In addition, the availability of the goods will be managed by dedicated panels and the shipping costs will have various options depending on the user's choice, also the possibility of free shipping costs when reaching certain purchase totals.

  • What will the shopping cart and check out procedure be like? Which payment methods will be available?addremove

    The shopping cart and the checkout phase will flow with the various sequential steps, as in the stores we are used to. Payments will be managed by the PayPal platform which without any fixed costs will allow you to manage payments with the main credit cards (and also PayPal users). This method has no fixed costs other than a minimum percentage on each successful transaction and not only ensures the highest levels of security, but also a refund in the rare case of fraud.

  • What if I have any other questions?addremove

    Simply get in touch with our business consultant who will give you all the information you need. Write to staff@europromas.it

  • Why focus on an integrated B2B AdWords/LinkedIn campaign? addremove

    Because the integration between the two platforms allows an optimal exposure of the theme (service/product/brand) among its target/audience: on the one hand, by presiding over the surfing for models (retargeting/remarketing) with AdWords and on the other by presiding over LinkedIn's professional figures.

  • What is industrial data-driven marketing? addremove

    Data-driven marketing is a type of marketing that relies on the user's surfing among certain industrial niches, thus allowing a high effectiveness for every campaign.

  • Why is it important to use a landing-page for campaign landing? addremove

    Because the landing is essential to be able to explain a theme at its best through a responsive landing page, organized in topic areas, complete with videos, galleries, pdfs for downloading and cross-selling sliders in order to work on related topics and themes.

  • Why is it important to have a data-tracking lead tool? addremove

    Because in Europromas' B2B campaigns, what are important are not only the leads generated directly through calls and emails, but also the fact that you can track all the clicks generated by AdWords by identifying the name, role and company, through mechanics that respect GDPR, while from LinkedIn you can obtain the name, role and company of target users.

  • Why is it important to work well on the campaign theme and on the conversion hitch? addremove

    Because despite the potential of digital advertising and data-tracking, the theme of the campaign and the organization of communication are fundamental elements for the conversion of a quality "suspect" into a "prospect" of value!

  • Why do Europromas campaigns work? addremove

    They work because Europromas specializes in industrial communication, data-driven marketing and digital intelligence. Over the last 4-5 years Europromas has demonstrated the validity of these systems to dozens and dozens of customers both in Italy and abroad, ensuring quality leads, new relationships and sales growth within main industrial sectors.

  • Why train with an experienced tutor on LINKEDIN BASIC and/or SALES NAVIGATOR?addremove

    To date, especially in the light of the historical moment we are going through, knowing how to use and make the most of all the means available to create new trade relationships is essential to ensure continuity in trade. Keeping up with the times is the key to remaining a good partner, supplier and customer.

  • What are the advantages for a B2B industrial company with a system of "social selling" relationships?addremove

    Relationships can enjoy many advantages from the digital world: speed, no time limits or space, the possibility to constantly find new contacts and organize the follow-up at every stage. The important thing is to know how to make the most of the means you use. Everything becomes simple when you learn how to do it.

  • How are the face to face courses organized? How long do they last and how many people do they cater for?addremove

    Each course includes 2 hours of training and explanations of the tool and 1 hour which is dedicated to deepening the themes chosen by those who purchase the course. The 3 hours don't need to be consecutive. For organizational reasons and to be able to provide the same professionalism and devote the right amount of time to each participant, we train a maximum group of 6 people.

  • Who are the live courses for and what preparation do the staff need?addremove

    The courses are aimed at anyone interested in discovering these new relationship systems, but in detail we recommend it to all those who are at the forefront of finding new customers and prospects (Sales Managers and Marketing Managers).

  • Do you also do other training courses, training activities or training counselling?addremove

    Of course, we have staff dedicated to every need and curiosity. It is possible to arrange a first free video call to understand together the best topics and most suitable strategies for your needs.

  • Why should I buy a Europromas video course?addremove

    Because we are experts in the industrial field and the laws and customs that govern it. We are constantly updated on the best strategies to follow that can improve our customers business relationships.

  • Where do I download the file?addremove

    For the video course we will send you a WeTransfer file. Instead, for dedicated courses, once you have purchased the course, you can choose the date that is most convenient for you and our team and we will forward you the link for the video call participation.

  • Who is the video course held by?addremove

    The video course is taught by one of our managers with twenty years experience in the industrial relations field.
    Individual courses are taught by qualified LinkedIn use experts.

  • Is it a single course or is it part of a series of video courses?addremove

    You can decide whether to only buy the video course or/and personalized courses in specific uses of LinkedIn, depending on your needs (use of LinkedIn bases, business page management, corporate network, LinkedIn Sales Navigator etc.)




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